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If  You Have A Legal Question, We Have A Great Program For You

You know we’re not lawyers, and we can’t answer legal questions. However, you can certainly ask it here first, and probably get a general guidance framework for further investigation.

We may from time to time advise you to move forward with legal counsel. If it’s a complex, multi-pronged case, then you should hire a competent real estate attorney in your area.

For A Fraction of What You’d Pay Hourly For A Real Estate Attorney

However, for a fairly simple question, like your status during an eviction proceeding or the enforceability of a lease clause, specifically when you need only one answer to one question, I recommend you try this legal expert forum.

This is an expert site where licensed attorneys from most states will respond to your questions in a very short time, usually less than 24 hours and often within the hour, for an average price of $25-$35. While good real estate lawyers charge at least $250 per hour, often far higher, this can be a great and economical solution to your legal question.

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You set the price. If someone chooses to take your question they will answer confidentially.  It’s a great service for pennies on the dollars for one question concerns.

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Step 1:  Ask it here first. We have not gone to the subscription model as of this writing and are still free. We may be able to help you without legal advice.

Step 2:  If we get into legal matters, especially those not in California, then consider taking the next step and spending the cost of a nice lunch on a competent real estate attorney. We do get a referral fee if you get your answer, but it’s a site I’d use myself if we didn’t have several lawyers on our team, and a site I have used for non-real estate matters. Be sure to specify your state.

Ask A Real Estate Lawyer Now

Sorry, almost forgot. There’s a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you’re not happy with your answer, you get your money refunded, no questions asked.