Building Codes Do Not Insure Quality Construction

A local building department reviews a plan submittal. The plan is eventually approved and construction can begin. Does compliance with a building code mean a guaranteed level of quality during construction? Not necessarily. To see why, it is helpful to understand that a code is a minimum set of construction requirements primarily designed to address […]

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The Architect’s Role in Strip Mall Development

One of our favorite architects discusses his role in strip mall development, and what architects can and should do. Read Ernie’s comments

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New Urbanism in Suburbia–A Bad Idea

New Urbanism (NU), a component of Smart Growth, has been the mantra of choice for local governments nationwide for more than a decade. Originally developed by progressive architects and planners reacting to perceived housing sprawl, the elements comprising NU include mixed-use communities with walkability within and between employment, housing, shopping, entertainment, and nearby public transportation. Eschewing “big-box” unarticulated buildings, NU attempts to create “human scale” buildings catering to the nearby resident and worker.

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