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The New AIDA Part I: Transformative Value

AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action) is a self-explanatory sequential marketing process,  and as valid today as it was in 1898  when first coined by E. St. Elmo Lewis who created the AIDA marketing funnel model for the life insurance sales industry. The objective in selling any product from a pack of chewing gum to […]

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The Missing Ingredient in McDonald’s Big Mac

How smart were THESE MBAs? The customer experience doesn’t end when your customer leaves your store. Or the drive thru..

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Blogging for Profitable Strip Mall Retailing

While blogging is still in its infancy for most traditional businesses, there are certain sectors that can benefit greatly from maintaining a blog or interactive web presence. These sectors include professionals, consultants, and yes…..strip mall retailers. Micromarketing is coming on strong, Find Out Why

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