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Shortcuts for Estimating Sustainable Shop Rent Levels

If your franchisor doesn’t have a good income and expense model, or if you’re on your own and you need to estimate the most rent your can pay, here’s a quick calculation for you. From Ask The Strip Mall Insider…

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Rich Dad Poor Dad Seminar Review

It was pitch night for the Rich Dad Poor Dad three day seminar, and I decided to take my 17 year old daughter to the free “basic training class.”

Of all the wealth building schemes, I think Robert Kiyosaki’s makes the most sense. Speaking as one who has done several “no money down” deals, one of which has yielded me value of over …Read On

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Why Strip Mall Landlords Should Avoid Using the Consumer Price Index

Commercial leases usually provide for rent increases, often in the form of a cost of living increase per the Consumer Price Index. Attorney David Durrett, through case study examples and citations, presents a compelling case against the CPU clause and suggest that pre-determined rent increases can save the landlord money and provide predictable base rent charges to the strip mall tenant.

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Nielsen’s Four Modes of Shopping

Consumers have a predisposition for a shopping pattern for each product considered for purchase, according to Nielsen. The general categories are “grab-‘n’-go,” “open to influence by buzz,””seeking new tastes and new formats,” and “price-sensitive.” Retailers must know which products are characterized by each mode, and should merchandise accordingly. The following chart lists examples of products […]

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SHOP TALK: Shake Up Your Colors!

11-15-07 This evening I was in a local Starbucks which is not a leader in the region. I asked them how their sales trends had been over the last couple of months. “Slightly down, until we went “red,” smiled the young lady behind the counter, “and since that day we’re up $5,000 a week!”

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SHOP TALK: Retraining Your Customer for Frequent Shopping

To get shoppers to visit your store or buy your products more often, your messages need to be more relevant to that customer.Where to start? Well, to begin with, shoppers are more time-starved than money starved. If you can help them save time, they’ll return the favor by spending more with you.

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