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Anchored Center vs. Strip Mall

Which is better? Here are some key factors to consider, and the conclusion may surprise you.

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How To Calculate Rent For a Freestanding Fast Food Drive-Thru

Higher Sales Volume and Costs Justify Higher Rent for a Freestanding Drive-Thru As Opposed to a Strip Center Endcap or Inline Shop Space–But How Much Higher? From Lyle in Illinois Q :We are looking to open our first fast food franchise location. We have found a location which is an ex-fast food location with existing […]

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Shortcuts for Estimating Sustainable Shop Rent Levels

If your franchisor doesn’t have a good income and expense model, or if you’re on your own and you need to estimate the most rent your can pay, here’s a quick calculation for you. From Ask The Strip Mall Insider…

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Rich Dad Poor Dad Seminar Review

It was pitch night for the Rich Dad Poor Dad three day seminar, and I decided to take my 17 year old daughter to the free “basic training class.”

Of all the wealth building schemes, I think Robert Kiyosaki’s makes the most sense. Speaking as one who has done several “no money down” deals, one of which has yielded me value of over …Read On

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