Real Estate Scams

Rich Dad Poor Dad Seminar Review

It was pitch night for the Rich Dad Poor Dad three day seminar, and I decided to take my 17 year old daughter to the free “basic training class.”

Of all the wealth building schemes, I think Robert Kiyosaki’s makes the most sense. Speaking as one who has done several “no money down” deals, one of which has yielded me value of over …Read On

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SCAM: Prepaid Rent for Unspecified Use

A prospective tenant offers to lease a low rent building for even lower rent, but offers to prepay for a year. They are firm on an broad use clause that may only stipulate “sales and storage of retail merchandise.” In this case it was a freestanding building, the landlord was desperate for a tenant, and the prepaid rent was attractive. He agreed to the deal for a 1 year lease with a 1 year option to renew. When asked for financials…

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